Yesterday I was talking with Justin Brooke. He told me he was rolling out AdSkills core for $8.99 per month, and I nearly fainted.

First, I think he is undervaluing what he has to offer. The price should be at least $197 per month.

Second, I have known Justin since around 2005 and he always over delivers.

Third, at this price even I would be crazy not to join. 

For less than $0.35/day you can stay at the top of your game and learn from the biggest names in marketing.

So check out AdSkills core for only $8.99 per month and learn how to get more traffic, more clients, more ROAS.

P.S. Plus he is throwing in a bonus webinar if you join this week.

Yes. This is my affiliate link but at $8.99 a month I don’t think it will buy me a yacht anytime soon.