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“Quickly and Easily Tap Into 220 Million Visitors Per Day From Yahoo’s Secret Traffic Platform–With VERY LITTLE COMPETITION and MINIMAL Out-of-Pocket Costs!”

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What Are Yahoo Stream Ads?

Yahoo Stream Ads are Yahoo’s in house native ad platform that serves over 220 million ads per day on desktop and mobile devices. They are delivered based on keywords and topic interest.

Because these ads are set up in a native ad format, the conversions are typically higher than normal ads. The secret to their effectiveness is that users don’t feel like they are being marketed to.

Who it this for?

Yahoo Stream Ads are for online marketers who are looking to get massive exposure for mainstream products or affiliate offers. Because of the incredible volume of traffic it’s best to start off with 1 offer and scale up from there.

How will this help me?

If you are looking for a single traffic source that is still friendly to most niches, you need to check out Yahoo Stream Ads. They’re still new, so it’s a level playing ground for online marketers—and the pickings are fantastic!

This is what you are about to get:

I’ve created a start-to-finish course to guide you step by step and show you everything that’s needed to create a successful ad campaign with Yahoo Stream.

Because the videos are shot in an over-the-shoulder style, it’s like I’m in your home, walking you through the process. The videos are broken down into segments and topics so you can easily find and watch any part later.[/text_block]

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]bullet_3_s2_blue_shDiscover what Yahoo Stream Ads are and how you can craft a compelling native ad that converts.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shFind out how to set up your ad campaign for direct response or for brand exposure and what the big difference is so you don’t waste money getting the wrong kind of traffic to your offers.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shLearn what style of landing and presell pages work with the Yahoo platform and which ones your competitors are using.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shCombine Yahoo Stream Ads with CPA or Clickbank offers for even more revenue-generating potential—it’s easy when you know how (and I’m going to show you!)

bullet_3_s2_blue_shDiscover what ads to avoid to maximize your profits—and minimize your risks!

bullet_3_s2_blue_shYou’re also going to learn some valuable market research tips…watch as I show you the 5 minute market research technique that validates that other people are profiting in a niche. Plus, discover the hot buttons you need to push in order to make sales.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shFind out how picking the wrong domain name can hurt your click through rates and sales and why it’s even more critical when using this traffic source.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shLearn how to buy your domain and set up your WordPress blogs with a few simple clicks without having to deal with tech overwhelm.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shDiscover how to use LeadPages to create high converting presell pages and the one fatal error that most LeadPages users make that will kill your profits faster than a speeding bullet.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shWatch as I show you the simple and free way to get high converting images for your offers.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shLearn how to use the simple “blood hound method” to creating ad copy that can double your click through rate on most ads and how it also creates confidence for your offers with your prospects.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shFind out why you need to have 2 different bidding strategies for Yahoo Mobile Search VS Yahoo Native Ads to avoid ruining your ad campaign.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shWatch as I build out high converting landing pages with OptimizePress 2. Plus, discover the landing page enhancements that can create a significant boost in revenue when used correctly.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shSo many direct response marketers can’t get their ad campaigns off the ground because of a lack tracking. But with my step-by-step video showing you how to use CPVlabs to track native ads, you can kick off your campaign right.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shLearn 1 simple CPVlabs trick to protect yourself from competitors and how it can protect your paid ad campaigns.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shUnravel the mysteries of match types…which most marketers really don’t understand!

bullet_3_s2_blue_shDiscover how a “negative” keyword can take a failing ad campaign to profitable with a few simple tweaks.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shPlus a lot more.[/text_block]

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Exclusive Bonus

I want you to be successful, so I’m giving you the ultimate head-start: my exclusive Preselling Secrets.  I know how hard it is to come up with ad copy, so I’m giving the exact ad copy I use in my own presell page as a template you can use and reuse, over and over again.

This will allow you or your VA to create high converting presell pages even if you have NO marketing expertise!

Preselling Secrets has been one of my best selling products for the past 10 months, and it’s still making sales every day.  You’re going to get an exclusive, complimentary copy that will walk you step-by-step through what to say and how to say it with my fill-in-the-blank templates.

So, how much does is this going to cost you?

Absolutely nothing.

If it doesn’t pay for itself, you don’t have to pay a single dime.

I normally charge $497 for my advanced training courses.

But because I want you to get on the fast track to this incredible new platform while the getting’s still good, you can get the ENTIRE system at a special prelaunch price of $177 or 2 payments of $97.

This is a pre-sell offer—you’re getting access before anyone else does!

All I ask is that you provide me with feedback—testimonals are appreciated too—and with your help, the program can only get better and better.[/text_block]

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60 DAY Money

Go through my entire training…all the step-by-step videos…and if you don’t LOVE IT, get a complete no-questions-asked refund within 60 days…plus you can keep all the bonuses as my gift to you.

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Are You Ready to Get Started?

This exclusive offer is yours for the taking.

But you have to take it—because this opportunity and this platform aren’t going to be readily accessible forever.  Add thousands of dollars to your bottom line by using Yahoo Stream Ads now while the cost of traffic is still cheap—with me as your guide![/text_block]

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P.S.: Just imagine how profitable your business would be today if you were one of the earliest adopters of Google Adwords or Facebook. You have that opportunity right now with Yahoo Stream Ads.

Don’t let this chance pass you by. Let me show you how to capitalize on this incredible opportunity today! Click here to get started now!



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