YouTube Video Ad Warning

By charles kirkland | Stream Ads

Nov 19

Technology is changing so fast that it's a full time job keeping up with the changes.

As we blend online and offline we are creating a seamless experience that will allow the average Joe to always be connected.


Maybe not.

If you are running YouTube Ads, hold on to your seat.

YouTube is now streaming movies for free like The Terminator and a number of 80’s and 90’s classics. I’m sure you can guess how they will monetize this.

Yes, with your ads.

Did you know that close to 20% of YouTube content is watched on smart TVs?

According to YouTube, TV sets are its fastest growing medium!

Smart TV’s will play an ever increasing role in video ads, and we need to embrace these devices.

My question to you is how does your funnel work on a smart TV?

Charles Kirkland


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